Firmenname: Rowiak GmbH
Strasse: Garbsener Landstr. 10
PLZ / Ort: D-30419 Hannover
Telefon: 0511 277 2950 Postfach:
Telefax: 0511 277 2959 Postfach-PLZ:
ROWIAK GmbH - Laser Technology for Tissue Processing and Imaging

ROWIAK GmbH represents innovative Femtosecond Laser Technology in Life Science and Material Science as well as in Ophthalmic Laser Surgery. ROWIAK GmbH combines optical technologies that have already been used successfully as standalone solutions. This creates innovations and products which enables the penetration into new areas and markets.

ROWIAK GmbH not only offers high quality laser instruments for tissue processing and cell manipulation. It also provides high quality services in tissue and material sample preparation, and is your expert partner for laser application research in Life Science and Ophthalmic Laser Surgery.

ROWIAKs basic technology is three dimensional, non-contact cutting, which was first realized by the TissueSurgeon. Supplied with an OCT imaging technique the TissueSurgeon emerges to the 'Seeing Knife' for Life Science applications. A range of biological tissues, even hard tissue, can be cut in a native state without pretreatment. The TissueSurgeon is also suited to gently section various biomaterials.

Adapted to a microscope and enhanced with spatial resolution, the CellSurgeon entered the world of nano cutting to manipulate single cells or cell organelles. Manipulation can be controlled by Multi Photon Microscopy. Developing the 'Seeing Scalpel', ROWIAK entered the field of medical devices. Integrating CellSurgeon and automation technology, the CellMonitor offers solutions for automated cell monitoring, imaging and cell manipulation.

ROWIAK GmbH has established the innovative power of Femtosecond Laser Technology in Life Sciences and Ophthalmic Laser Surgery Market. This Ultrafast Laser Technology as a tool for simultaneously processing and imaging of tissues closely is associated with the name ROWIAK.

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