Firmenname: NCS Testing Technology Co. Ltd.
Strasse: 13 Gao Liang Qiao Xie Jie
PLZ / Ort: CN-100081 Beijing, Haidian District
Telefon: +86 10 62176511 Postfach:
Telefax: +86 10 62182584 Postfach-PLZ:
NCS Testing Technology Co., Ltd is affiliated to China Iron & Steel Research Institute Group (CISRI) (formerly Central Iron & Steel Research Institute). The Reference Materials Department of NCS is specialized in the research, development and sales of reference materials.

As one of the earliest specialized research and development agencies for reference materials, the Central Iron & Steel Research Institute was established in 1952. Over the past six decades, the Institute has developed more than 1,000 reference materials, and established a complete reference materials research and development system in the metallurgical industry of China. NCS Testing Technology Co., Ltd (also National Analysis Center for Iron and Steel) is the first large-sized comprehensive testing agency in China that gets accreditation certificates for the competence of testing and calibration laboratory (ISO/IEC17025), reference materials producer(ISO GUIDE 34)) and ISO9001. It is also the first accredited laboratory in China by the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (NADCAP).

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