Firmenname: Sunrising Optronic Ltd.
Strasse: No. 2 Central Rd, Jixing Ind. Zone, Xihongmen, Daxing District
PLZ / Ort: CN-100162 Beijing
Telefon: +86 10 87913155 Postfach:
Telefax: +86 10 87915239 Postfach-PLZ:
SUNRISING OPTRONIC LTD. is an ISO9001:2008 certificated manufacturer of optical instruments, special for refractometers, based on continuously development capabilities and innovative ideas. We are doing research rapidly. Try all best to specialize in manufacturing and supplying advanced items to the market with constant product developments, in order to meet the variable customer’s requirements and needs.

Up to now, we have introduced: Hand refractometer, Digital refractometer, ABBE refractometer, Polarimeter, Photoelectric colorimeter, etc. to market, with all by CE certified. The company has undergone considerable expansion as a result of further developments in the product group. In turn, we have been able to optimize our services and introduce the latest technologies jointly with our customers, to establish long term successful business relationships.

In this regard, SUNRISING OPTRONIC LTD will do our utmost best to develop most and sophisticated instruments with continuous effects, exceptional value and high standard of quality. We are looking forward to serving you better in future.

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